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Express Jewellery Repair
Amazing work and so fast!! My 35-year-old wedding rings needed a lot of maintenance on them. I was nervous giving them to someone I didn’t know and felt naked without them. But I got them back in only a couple of days, even over a long weekend! And they are amazing!  I can’t stop looking at them. They look brand new! Very impressed. I went to four different jewelers before I felt comfortable enough to leave them here. They are very professionaland definitely know what they are doing. VERY cool store too with the antiques. Would definitely recommend them.
Express Jewellery Repair
Beyond happy with the fast return of my ring! When I was told it would take 3-4 weeks to have my ring resized from the Jeweller I purchased it from, I was in shock. The ring was resized perfectly and returned in better shape than I left it. Very thankful to have it back so quickly!
Express Jewellery Repair
I don't know how they do it at Express Jewellery Repair–even though it's a simple thing, I've had to wait weeks, for rings to be sized at other jewellers. The service I received was over-the-top friendly and helpful, with ridiculously fast service. Thanks to your team of professionals for the great experience!
Express Jewellery Repair
If you want to get in and get out, Express Jewellery Repair is the specialist for you. Clinton Beck was able to appraise my wife’s diamond ring and provide insurance documents, clean it like new, and also managed to tell stories about some of the cool antiques he’s found over the years.  Reasonable, quick and friendly – he’s like Indiana Jones, Han Solo, and a fugitive all rolled into one!

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